July 27, 2022

Making Businesses Greener

Strategies to implement in the workplace to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Making your company a sustainable business means running your daily business without negatively impacting the environment.

Business owners should act responsibly and lead with good examples, which includes benefiting the environment.

At Meerkatwatch, we wanted to contribute to the environment. To reduce emissions by operating with the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Below are some examples introduced in our policies on how to cut emissions.
All these actions are affordable and easy to implement.


Avoiding fossil fuels (gas, coal, and oil) as the main source of energy, and switching to renewable energies (solar, wind, hydro…) to power facilities.

Our company uses solar energy produced from solar panels.

Energy saving

Using energy A-rated appliances, low energy bulbs, switching lights and plugs off when not in use, optimising heating and cooling systems, as well as properly maintaining them.

These small changes can easily be incorporated to slightly reduce energy consumption, which has been a great energy saver in our company.

Carbon neutral

A person or company can reduce its carbon footprint by offsetting its emissions. Carbon offsetting consists in compensating the greenhouse emissions that ones generate with actions that will reduce or remove the impact emissions from the atmosphere, such as planting trees.

At Meerkatwatch we offset our online services C02 emissions by investing in environmental projects such as planting trees. There are many websites you can choose from, like Greening Australia, and others.


Introduce policies to reduce and reuse waste. Recycling cartridges and toners, tins and bottles, and batteries. Avoid disposable cups, cutlery, and swap coffee capsules for coffee beans. Print only when necessary, double-sided prints in black and white, and reuse paper as notes or drafts. Make it easier for employees by introducing recycle bins and explaining how waste should be recycled and what are the benefits of going green in the workplace.

These recycling practices have been introduced in Meerkatwatch.

Minimize business travel

Avoid using the car or taking a plane to attend meetings, instead, use a cloud-based communications app such as Zoom, Skype, Chime… There are many options to choose from.

Meerkatwatch uses these types of platforms to communicate with co-workers, clients, and suppliers.

Spread the word

Raising awareness between co-workers, suppliers, and friends plays an important role. Exchange views with colleagues, talk about the green initiatives that are done in the company, and promote it on social media to tell everyone what you are doing to help the environment.

So we have given you some tips to reduce emissions. Now share this article to spread the word!.

If you want to back up a supplier that cares about the environmental impact, choose Meerkatwatch to monitor your applications.