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Get instant alerts by SMS, Voice Call, email, and third-party integrations 24/7.
If your website is down, you'll be the first one to know. Uptime monitoring you can trust.

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Cost Effective

Cost Effective

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Get real-time alerts 24/7.
Custom alarms to trigger incidents on the spot.

User Friendly

User Friendly

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Get notified when your site goes down.

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100% Uptime doesn't exist.
Do you know when you're down?

A simplified monitoring tool to help you track Websites and APIs availability.


Unlimited number of monitors

Regardless of the number of services you require to properly monitor your applications, we offer from 10 monitors in a free plan; 30 in a premium plan, to 100 monitors in a business plan.
Need a higher volume of monitors? We can arrange as many as your business needs.

30 Seconds Intervals

Short monitoring intervals

Every business should be aware of critical issues arising on their website before visitors do. Get up to 30 second interval checks to ensure your customer can reach your website any time of the day. The higher number of frequency checks done, the sooner you'll get notified.

Monitoring Locations

Global monitoring locations

Test your website from multiple regions to ensure your business is accessible at all times from anywhere in the globe.
Latency metrics are also provided, allowing you to understand how quickly your services work from different cities of the world.

Customizable Alerts

Instant alerts through channels and integrations

Get real time notifications avoiding false positive alerts. We achieve this by double-checking the error before sending out the alert. Create and customise alerts through different methods and integrations like SMS, Emails, Voice calls, Telegram, PagerDuty, Slack, MS Teams, Jira, and more.


Downtime and Uptime metrics always available

Access your log retention to effectively analyse downtime and latency metrics recorded during a period of time. This allows you to implement preventive actions, fix issues, and avoid unwanted downtime.

Status Page

Communicate incidents with a Status Page

Keep users in the loop by communicating real time incidents with a customizable Status Page. Connect and build trust with your customers by providing transparency of your website's availability.

Discover how monitoring can increase your business conversions by improving reliability and productivity

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We are proud to be a sustainable business, helping to save our planet.

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Utilising solar energy with solar panels.
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Energy Saving

Using energy A-rated appliances, low energy bulbs, switching lights and plugs off when not in use.
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Carbon Neutral

Planting trees to offset the carbon footprint.
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Establishing internal policies to reduce and reuse waste, like recycling paper, tins, bottles, and batteries, on-site.